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Explore Pathways to Sustainability
Meet your own needs in ways that allow future generations to meet theirs.
Fred Horch
Fred Horch, Principal Advisor
Follow Fred on Substack and Medium or hire him to speak or advise you on sustainable best practices. With decades of experience helping thousands of people explore pathways to sustainability, Fred can help you create a superbly sustainable home or organization.

Here's what we do.

We teach, recommend, and evaluate sustainable best practices, so environmental champions like you can create superbly sustainable homes and organizations.


Thank you to Fred for reviewing my solar panel quotes and for helping me understand what it all meant. He put all the data in a chart so they could be compared against each other. He gave me suggestions and questions to ask that would be important to know before deciding what was the best choice. His input and knowledge helped me greatly when it was time to choose a company for my solar needs. His independent review was exactly what I needed. —Meredith Herzog


We publish guides, give talks, provide training, and lead seminars:

  • Expert action guides
  • Best practices guides
  • Introductory talks
  • In-person and remote training
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced seminars
Contact us to arrange for a talk or seminar.


We offer hourly advising, in person or remotely:

  • Answer questions
  • Raise morale
  • Establish strategic priorities
  • Plan projects
  • Review proposals and bids
  • Recommend products and services
  • Diagnose and solve problems
Contact us to arrange for an advising session. (Ask about our non-profit rates!)


We evaluate sustainability practices and measure results, on-site or remotely:

  • Inspect buildings, equipment, and grounds
  • Review utility and fuel bills
  • Evaluate sustainability practices
  • Calculate sustainability scores
  • Estimate cost savings
  • Recommend improvements
Contact us to arrange for an on-site or remote sustainability evaluation.

Sustainability Publications

Visit our Resources Page to browse our growing library of practical sustainability publications.

Guidebook for Sustainability

Our Guidebook for Sustainability is packed full of practical advice for creating superbly sustainable homes and organizations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help environmental champions create superbly sustainable homes and organizations.

Environmental Champions

You are an environmental champion if you care about our environment and take effective action to protect it.

Best Practices for Sustainability

Best practices are actions you can take to meet your needs in ways that protect the ability of future generations to meet their needs, too.

Sustainability Plans

Your sustainability plans reflect your values and priorities. We help you create sustainability plans for your own home and organizations, and achieve the goals in your plans.

About Sustainable Practice

Fred Horch is the principal advisor here at Sustainable Practice. Fred's sustainability writing and advice draws on his experience as a small business owner, author, Rotarian, Master Gardener Volunteer, former lawyer, active citizen, husband and dad living in Brunswick, Maine. After a brief career as a corporate attorney, he has had the privilege to work full-time for sustainability since the 1990s. Fred has started his own businesses, had leadership roles in non-profit and political organizations, and (with his wife Hadley) raised three kids, so he understands the challenges you face if you're running a business, leading a team, or managing a household.

To learn more about Fred, please visit

Fred Horch
Peggy Siegle

Peggy Siegle is another principal at Sustainable Practice. With a strong background in management and consulting, her role is to ensure our work reaches the right audience and delivers excellence.

Our mission is to help environmental champions create superbly sustainable homes and organizations. Our focus is measurable results. Rather than "preaching to the sustainability choir," we're providing sheet music.

If you need to achieve a sustainability goal, complete a sustainability project, or create a sustainability plan with measurable outcomes, whether for personal or professional reasons, please reach out so we can help you succeed.

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